AirWatch Express Walkthrough

In this walkthrough we're going show you how to access and use the AirWatch Express Admin Console within the TestDrive Demo Environments.



Before You Begin

In order to complete this demo please make sure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you do not already have an account. 
  • Activated Workspace ONE UEM (formerly VMware AirWatch) for your account in the VMware TestDrive environment. 

Background Info - Talking Points

AirWatch Express is simple and straightforward MDM, so you get exactly what you need without anything you don't. AirWatch Express provides an affordable solution to security concerns and accessibility inherent to enterprise mobility. With AirWatch Express organizations can:

  • Manage small-scale deployments (500 device maximum) from a single console.
  • Enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly and easily.
  • Configure and update device settings over the air.
  • Secure mobile access to corporate resources by regulating applications, email and connectivity, and security policies.
  • Remotely lock, send messages, and enterprise wipe managed devices.

When your organization needs mobile device management features beyond what AirWatch Express offers, you can upgrade to the full Workspace ONE UEM product at any time. For more information on AirWatch Express please visit


Logging In and Using the AirWatch Express Admin Console

First, open your favorite browser and navigate to the TestDrive Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console at Login with your TestDrive username and password.

Login Issues? If you're having trouble logging in please make sure you have checked the following:

  • Ensure you have turned on the Workspace ONE UEM service at (Instructions here)
  • Ensure you are using the correct domain. You'll need to add vmwdemo\ before your username when logging in. We have added text below the login screen to remind you of this!
  • Ensure you're using the correct password. You can reset your password at
  • Still stuck? Submit a support ticket from within the TestDrive portal at


Now that you are logged into Workspace ONE UEM, you'll need to change your role to the organization group where AirWatch Express is active. In the top right choose the drop down next to your admin account name.

Open the Account Role drop down menu and choose AirWatch Administrator at AirWatch Express.


The admin console will reload and you'll see the AirWatch Express admin console. The first time you load the AirWatch Express console you'll be brought through the setup wizard. First, you'll be shown the introduction and survey.

You'll see the process a customer goes through to setup their environment. You can choose yes at these fields to setup your own AD, APNS and VPP, but if you'd like to use the TestDrive APNS and AD selecting NO will allow you to inherit this.


Now, that you have completed the initial setup, you'll be brought to the blueprints page. Here you can add "Blueprints" for each of your users or groups of users. Within a blueprint you can define which apps, wifi configurations, security policies and more are assigned to your user's devices when they enroll.

When you're setting up a blueprint you'll be guided through a wizard to help you configure the settings which will apply to the user's devices.

When you get to the Users tab you'll need to select which accounts you'd like this blueprint to apply to. You can add your TestDrive user account by adding an active directory user and entering your TestDrive username into the username field and selecting Find User.

At this point you're all set to build out your test environment and start enrolling devices. Once you've configured a few blueprints and policies you're ready to enroll.


Enrolling Your Devices to AirWatch Express

You can enroll your devices to AirWatch Express through Apple's Device Enrollment Program or through the AirWatch Agent. For the purposes of this guide we will use AirWatch Agent enrollment. First, you'll need to identify the Group ID for your AirWatch Express instance. This should be in the format AWEX{TestdriveUsername}{UniqueNumber} but you can double check by hovering over the name of your AirWatch Express instance in the admin console.

Now that you have your group ID, power up your iOS device (or other) and download the AirWatch Agent from the app store.

Open the Agent and choose the Server Details option.

Now enter the Server and Group ID for your AirWatch Express instance.

Group ID: AWEX{TestdriveUsername}{UniqueNumber}

Next, you'll be brought to the Workspace ONE login page. Enter your Testdrive Username and Password (no domain is required).

Correct: {Username}
Wrong: {Username}
Wrong: vmwdemo\{Username}

Now, you'll be prompted to install the Device Manager profile. Click Install and continue through the prompts.

Next, you'll be redirected to the AirWatch Agent. Your device will report as enrolled.

If you go back to the AirWatch Express Admin Console, you'll see the device now appears in the list view.

 Walkthrough Summary

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