Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) in TestDrive - Upcoming changes and what you need to know!

Changes are coming to the Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management product (previously known as VMware AirWatch) within TestDrive to provide a better experience for our users. In this article we'll outline everything you need to know about these upcoming changes, what to expect when, and resources for help along the way.

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What's Changing Overall?

Up to this point you've accessed Workspace ONE UEM using the below Product Tile within the TestDrive portal. You've been able to enroll all your devices and use the admin console using the information from this product.


This product tile represents the Workspace ONE UEM instance known as In the below diagram in green you'll see this environment gave all users two main roles - World Wide Enterprises and Sandboxes. 

  • World Wide Enterprises represented all of our "configured" TestDrive Workspace ONE UEM experiences. This is where the team set up demos so new users could enroll their devices and see the full experience of Workspace ONE without having to make any configurations of their own. These configured "demos" are outlined in our documentation.
  • Alternatively, the Sandbox role was a way for TestDrive users to access a "blank" organization group within Workspace ONE UEM that offered full admin access and could be setup by the user. This functionality was outlined in our AirWatch Admin Console Sandbox Guide.


After August 19th 2018, users will see the following changes (shown in blue of the diagram above):

  1. The Configured demos previously seen within the "World Wide Enterprises" role of will now be hosted in We'll detail everything you need to know about using the updated demos within below.
  2. We're moving your sandbox access from the environment to a SaaS environment based on your personal geographical location. This will significantly increase your admin access at your sandbox! More details below.


Configured Demo Changes - "World Wide Enterprises"

This section details changes to the Configured "World Wide Enterprises" role of

What's Changing?

The TestDrive Workspace ONE UEM (previously VMware AirWatch) environment prior to August 19th 2018 has been an on-premise environment. In an effort to reduce complexity, and therefore improve performance, the team has decided to move the configurations of this environment to a dedicated SaaS environment which will provide a variety of improvements for TestDrive users.

How Does this Benefit TestDrive Users?

  • Improved Console Performance - Moving to SaaS allowed the team to rearchitect our Workspace ONE UEM design, which will result in faster Workspace ONE UEM console performance.
  • Simplified Onboarding - Previously, users had to enroll to Workspace ONE UEM using the format Now ALL users can enroll using  
  • Improved Device Dashboards and Reporting - Previously, not all TestDrive users had devices populated in their device dashboards, which made the environment look empty. Now all TestDrive users will see devices populated on their dashboards so they can show off this functionality.  
  • Production-Grade Uptime - This environment is managed by the production Workspace ONE UEM SaaSOps team, which will result in 24/7, follow-the-sun monitoring for any uptime issues. 
  • More Features Available - Due to the reduced complexity of the new environment design, the team was able to add even more configurations than before! We're now able to give Workspace ONE Intelligence access to all users as a result of this change. Additionally, you'll be seeing new demos come from the team in the coming months, including Mobile Flows, SaaS Apps on the Workspace ONE UEM console, and more. 

What do TestDrive Users need to do differently as a result of these changes?

1 - First, you'll now access this configured environment from a different product tile within the TestDrive portal (and a different URL). Now, within the TestDrive portal you'll see a "Ready to Use Experiences" section and a "Sandbox Experience" section within TestDrive.

  • Ready to use experiences - these products are completely setup with real world use cases so you can instantly get access to a completely configured high performance environment. This is where we will host the "World Wide Enterprises" configured demos we had previously. We'll also host the other configured roles we had as well including Healthcare, Finance, etc.
  • Sandbox experiences - These products are SaaS instances in which you have full admin rights. You will be the administrator of you own instance of the product and you will have full admin access to all features. There will be no configurations in these instances so that you can set up your own features as you wish.

Due to this change you will now access the "World Wide Enterprises" and other configured demos which you used to from the Workspace ONE UEM tile under the "Ready to use experiences" as shown below.


2 - The other major change will be the email address you use to enroll your devices. Now when asked to enter your email address in Workspace ONE or the AirWatch Agent (Workspace ONE HUB) you will enter: The rest is the same! We will update all documentation to reflect this change as well.

3 - Any devices you may have currently enrolled in you will need to re-enroll in the new environment. Issue an enterprise wipe to your device from the AirWatch admin console, and follow the enrollment instructions found in any of our guides. (You can also reach out to the team at for help with enterprise wiping your device)

4 - That’s it! We've moved over all the configurations and guides will be updated to reflect the changes. The new environment is on the latest Workspace ONE UEM upgrade so you can explore the newest features!

Sandbox Changes

This section details changes to the "Sandboxes" role of

What's Changing?

Previously, your Workspace ONE UEM sandbox within the TestDrive environments was a type customer group within The downside of this is that you inherited configurations from the configured demos and you lacked some of the admin features available in a production customer environment. The TestDrive team is excited to announce we are now granting TestDrive users access to a sandbox in one of the Workspace ONE UEM SaaS environments with full admin access!

How Does this Benefit TestDrive Users?

  • Full Admin Rights - You will now have access to ALL admin features in your sandbox. This means you can add your own active directory, create your own admin accounts and user accounts, and more. There are no admin features blocked - you can invite your co-workers to your group, create test accounts, anything you'd like to do you have full control over.
  • No Inheritance - You will no longer inherit profiles, apps, etc from the configured organization groups in your sandboxes. This means the app and profile list will only contain profiles you yourself have created.

What do TestDrive Users need to do differently as a result of these changes?

1 - First, you will now access your sandbox using the Workspace ONE UEM card under the "Sandbox Experience" section. This will also contain a specific URL for the SaaS environment where your sandbox is hosted.


2 - Next you will need to ensure when you are enrolling devices to your sandbox you now use the URL associated with your SaaS sandbox. This is the same URL shown by clicking the "down arrow" next to the Workspace ONE UEM product in your "Sandbox Experience" section of the TestDrive portal. However, remember that since this environment is blank you are responsible for creating the user accounts for enrollment, configurations, etc. If you'd like to use a configured environment, please reference the "ready to use experiences" instead.

Help & Support

During these changes the TestDrive team is available to help answer any questions! Please reach out to us using any of the channels below:

  • Email us at
  • Submit a ticket in the TestDrive Portal (Click Support under the Help & Support box on the right)
  • Submit a ticket on our knowledge base (Click submit a request in the top right)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access the settings I had previously set up in my Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Sandbox? You'll be able to access your old sandbox for 1 to 2 months after this migration is complete. To do so, just navigate to, sign in with your TestDrive account and change your role to the sandbox role in the top right. We will leave this environment up for 1 to 2 months for you to move your configurations to your new sandbox.
  • How does this change impact AirWatch Express? AirWatch express will continue to be available in 
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