Common Questions

Here's a list of common questions and answers that many TestDrive users find helpful.  Be sure to refer to this page prior to submitting a support request.

Where are the TestDrive emails?  I'm not receiving any emails.

Please do the following if you are not receiving emails from TestDrive:

  1. Check your spam folder.
  2. Verify that your organization's email system has whitelisted the following:
    • Mailchimp Delivery IPs

      If your organization is not blocking emails from TestDrive, then send in a support ticket to
What's a Workspace ONE UEM sandbox?

TestDrive provides a Workspace ONE UEM sandbox tenant so that TestDrive users can set up custom configurations in an actual VMware Shared SaaS environment.  If you utilize a UEM sandbox, here's what you need to know:

The Workspace ONE UEM tenant...

  • is provisioned by TestDrive in a VMware Shared SaaS environment.
  • is not located in a TestDrive environment.
  • is a blank slate with no configuration (other than a basic admin account).  
  • is subject to the management and security policies of VMware SaaS Operations, not TestDrive.
  • is supported by My Workspace ONE.

To either set up your sandbox or view your sandbox location and access information, in go to My Products - Empower Digital Workspace. Scroll down to Sandbox Experience and expand Workspace ONE UEM.

I'm an EUC partner, where do I go for Workspace ONE product and technical support?
  • For the ready-to-use (configured) environments and related documentation, please reach out to TestDrive. 
  • For sandbox tenants in Shared SaaS, EUC partners should utilize the all-wise and facilitative My Workspace ONE portal through Partner Central.  
Can you reset my Workspace ONE UEM sandbox password?

A Workspace ONE UEM sandbox is a standard tenant in a VMware Shared SaaS environment.  To initially access the Shared SaaS tenant, TestDrive provides users a basic administrator account in the tenant.  The environment and basic administrator account fall under VMware Shared SaaS  management, not TestDrive management.  VMware Shared SaaS Information Security Policy sets password expiration to 30 days.  After the password expires, the environment's "trouble logging in" feature should be utilized.


When will my sandbox be upgraded?

Sandboxes are located in a VMware Shared SaaS environment—not a TestDrive environment—and therefore are upgraded according to the Shared SaaS Deployment Schedule (My Workspace ONE account required for viewing).

When will the environment be upgraded?

Major upgrades to typically happen a week or two after the build is released as GA.  Minor maintenance and security updates happen as needed, but usually no more than once between major upgrades.

Although operated by TestDrive, is located in Dedicated SaaS and adheres to the management policies of VMware SaaS Operations. uses the preset Dedicated SaaS Friday 2-6p Eastern maintenance window.  Of the available Dedicated SaaS maintenance windows, this window was determined to be the least inconvenient to TestDrive's globally dispersed user base.

Upgrade announcements are made through Socialcast posts with emails, as well as the #TestDrive Slack channel.

I'm a VMware EUC field engineer, how do I access a sandbox in Shared SaaS?

As a VMware EUC field engineer/sales engineer you can utilize SaaSWatch's SaaS Access Tool to provision your airwatch.local AD account in Shared SaaS environments.

If you do not have an airwatch.local account, please open a ticket with the DC Ops Server Team via My Workspace ONE.

Is Advanced Remote Management in my UEM sandbox?

TestDrive provisions UEM sandbox tenants in Shared SaaS, but does not currently enable Advanced Remote Management (ARM) in the tenant.

Since sandboxes are in Shared SaaS environments, SaaS Operations needs to enable ARM.  Please reach out to My Workspace ONE Support, providing the following:

  • Environment name
  • Group ID
  • Remote Management CN
    Settings > System > Advanced > Site URLs > Remote Management CN





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