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Here's a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for TestDrive environments. The questions herein are common ones asked to support.  Please refer to this page prior to submitting a support request.   

Workspace ONE UEM FAQ

Q: Where's my Workspace ONE UEM sandbox?
A: TestDrive provisions sandboxes in Shared SaaS environments, not a TestDrive environment.  Your sandbox's Shared SaaS environment is selected based on your region and industry.  To find your sandbox, in portal.vmtestdrive.com go to My Products - Empower Digital Workspace.  Scroll down to Sandbox Experience to enable it and view its access information.

Q: When will my sandbox be upgraded?
A: Sandboxes are located in Shared SaaS—not TestDrive—and are therefore upgraded according to the Shared SaaS Deployment Schedule (My Workspace ONE account required for viewing).

Q: When will wsuem.vmtestdrive.com be upgraded?
A: Wsuem.vmtestdrive.com is located in Dedicated SaaS and is operated by TestDrive.  Wsuem.vmtestdrive.com uses the Dedicated SaaS Friday 2-6p Eastern maintenance window.  Of the available Dedicated SaaS maintenance windows, this window was determined to be the least inconvenient to TestDrive's globally dispersed user base.  Upgrade announcements are made through Socialcast posts with emails, as well as the #TestDrive Slack channel

Q: I'm a VMware employee.  How do I access my customer's sandbox in Shared SaaS?
A: Use the SaaS Access Tool (VMware staff only) to provision your airwatch.local AD account in SaaS environments.  If you do not have an airwatch.local account, please ask for one via the My Workspace ONE support.




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