Your Sandbox Tenant

TestDrive optionally brokers tenants called sandboxes in the VMware Cloud.  These tenants are not "in TestDrive."  Since they're in the VMware Cloud, sandbox tenants are managed by VMware Cloud Operations.

Sandbox support is through either your TestDrive inviter, VMware pre-sales support representative, or VMware partner.  VMware employees should click here for more information.

The following are a few service-specific support notes. 

Workspace ONE UEM Sandbox

  • No limitations other than those noted herein.
  • TestDrive provided a basic administrator account to get you started. The basic administrator account is managed by the environment.  Basic administrator account passwords must be updated every 30 days, per VMware SaaS security policy.
  • A sandbox tenant can not be flipped to production.
  • A sandbox tenant does not support Workspace ONE Assist.  This is a TestDrive limitation. 

Workspace ONE Access Sandbox

  • If you have trouble logging in to your Workspace ONE Access sandbox, perhaps due to an authentication policy change, use the below URL format to log in to your tenant's local system:


If either tenant did not set up correctly, let us know

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