Getting Started with TestDrive

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TestDrive provides EUC customers, partners, employees, VMUG Advantage members, and vExperts the opportunity to explore EUC products including all Workspace ONE services, Horizon, and Horizon Cloud Service. TestDrive environments are enterprise-level, fully configured, and integrated allowing you to explore real configurations in production.

Registering for TestDrive

TestDrive registration is open to the user types below, each having its unique signup process. Please choose your user type below for signup instructions.

If you're a partner or employee conducting a demo or training session, you may request a TestDrive registration code to provide your attendees. Please send us a request with your event's details. Click here for information on using a reg code.  


Do not register for TestDrive with a Partner Connect ID containing ".vmw".

Members of an active partner organization are permitted to sign up for TestDrive.

1. Go to TestDrive Sign Up, and enter your company email address and country.

After you click enter, TestDrive will perform an automatic partner status lookup.

2. Fill out and submit the brief registration form.

If you are not prompted to fill out the registration form, most likely the country name provided doesn't match the partner record. If so, try using the main office location.

3. Confirm your account using the account confirmation email sent from TestDrive.

If you want to become a partner, click here to begin partner enrollment.


Customers and Prospects can register for TestDrive after being invited by either their EUC sales or EUC partner representative. 

Click here for the TestDrive invite guide.

VMUG Advantage Member or vExpert

Click here to begin your TestDrive signup. Use your registered VMUG Advantage or vExpert email address.

Active accounts in either program will be recognized and you'll be able to proceed through the sign-up form. After completing the registration form you'll be sent a verification email and be able to set your password.

EUC Employee

TestDrive is open to all EUC employees. 

Go to portal.vmtestdrive.com and sign up using your vmware.com email addressBe sure to fully complete the account registration process using the confirmation email.

Not Receiving TestDrive Email?

First, read this.

If you're certain your organization is not filtering TestDrive email, then contact TestDrive support.

What's Next?

Once you have a TestDrive account, be sure to review articles in TestDrive Fundamentals.

TestDrive Support

TestDrive is an automated and self-service platform. Reach out to your pre-sales resource for guidance with the experiences within TestDrive. 

If you need help with your TestDrive account or think you've spotted a technical issue within TestDrive, contact TestDrive support.

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