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 Your sandbox is your personal Workspace ONE UEM environment where you can create accounts, profiles, build out organization groups, configure apps, and access advanced admin settings. You will be able to make custom admin configurations in the Workspace ONE UEM console and then enroll devices to see the corresponding features on the device.

Workspace ONE UEM sandboxes are full access tenants in the Omnissa Cloud. They're intended for "tire kicking" only and should not be used for POCs.  

Before You Begin

To access a sandbox, you must have an active Omnissa TestDrive account. See the Getting Started Guide.  

Read Sandboxes Fundamentals.

Enable a Sandbox

Log in to the TestDrive portal with your TestDrive username and password. 

Under My Products, go to Sandbox Experiences.


Due to Omnissa SaaS security policies, the account's password must be reset every 30 days.  Keep that in mind and be sure to use environment, not TestDrive, to reset the password.  Best practice is to integrate a test directory and manage your own accounts with it.

Locate the Workspace ONE UEM tile. 

Expand the tile to review its contents.


TestDrive will then (1) provision your tenant and (2) create a basic admin account in the tenant.

When the "enable" button changes to "launch," you may proceed to log in the sandbox.

Click launch. Use your starter admin account's credentials which will be listed within the tile.

After logging in to the tenant, you'll have access to a brand new Workspace ONE UEM environment. Your administrator role, Console Administrator, has full administrator privileges, allowing whatever configuration you wish to test. 

Sandbox Setup

Before using a UEM tenant to manage devices, you must first complete the following:  

  • Device Root Certificate
  • Apple APNs
  • Android EMM
  • Add users

Device Root Certificate

Before you begin to enroll devices in your Workspace ONE UEM sandbox, verify the Device Root Certificate is enabled.  

Log in to your sandbox's Workspace ONE UEM console and go to Settings > System > Advanced > Device Root Certificate.  It should already be enabled.

Apple APNs for MDM

To manage Apple devices, Apple Push Notification service (APNs) must be configured.  Click here for the Apple APNs for MDM configuration instructions.

Android EMM Registration

For Android devices, you must register with Google for enterprise management (work). Click here for Android EMM registration settings information.


Since TestDrive sandboxes are fully configurable, users must be created.  The account provided by TestDrive provisioning is a basic administrator account.

Let's go ahead and add a user account. Click on the Accounts button in the left sidebar to open the User menu.

From the List View page, hover the cursor over the Add dropdown, then click the 'Add User' option.

Fill in the required fields and click Save when finished.

The list view will refresh to show the new user has been added successfully.

By selecting the check box next to the user's name you can add a device and manage various group options directly, without having to navigate to the other sections.



  • Verify your enrollment URL.  Please replace the 'cn' portion of your console URL with 'ds' (e.g. Enrollment URL for https://cn1206.awmdm.com is https://ds1206.awmdm.com; Exception: AW400.awmdm.com)
  • Before enrolling Android, you must first configure Android EMM Registration in Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Verify you've added a user account, which is detailed in the above section.

First, you'll need to identify the Group ID for your sandbox. This information is found under Enrollment Details in the expanded Workspace ONE UEM tile in the TestDrive portal.

Now that you have your unique URL and Group ID, power up your device and download the AirWatch Agent from the app store.

Open the Agent and choose the Server Details option.

Enter your URL in the Server field, and then enter the Group ID. Click Next when finished.

Next, you'll be brought to the User Credentials page. Enter the Username and Password for the user account you set up earlier. Click Next.

At the bottom of the screen select Redirect and Enable, which will open up a browser to begin installing the management profiles to your device.

Click Allow.

Now, you'll be prompted to install the Device Manager profile. Click Install and continue through the prompts.

Next, you'll be redirected to the AirWatch Agent. Click Done to proceed.

Click Done to continue.

You will be asked to create a more secure passcode for the Hub. 

The data and privacy policies are displayed. Click I Understand to proceed.

Here you are given an opportunity to help us improve and develop new app features and functionality through anonymous data sharing.

Your device now reports as enrolled.

If you go back to the Workspace ONE UEM Sandbox Admin Console, you'll see the device now appears in the list view.

For product documentation on how to use Workspace ONE UEM please refer to the Omnissa Product Knowledge base page found here.

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