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In this walkthrough, we're going to show you how to enroll your iOS device to demo a Finance Kiosk. 

Walkthrough Summary

  • Enroll your iOS Device using the AirWatch Agent.
  • Download VMware Browser when prompted.
  • Lock your device into single app mode into VMware Browser using the Workspace ONE UEM (formerly VMware AirWatch) Console.
  • Observe the device is locked into a Finance Kiosk and is blocked from other sites.


In order to complete this demo please make sure you have the following:

  • An iOS device with a cellular connection.
  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you do not yet have an account.


For this demo, your iOS device must be supervised.  To supervise your device, consult our instructions here.


First, download the AirWatch agent to your device from the App Store.

Launch the App

Once the Agent is installed, click it to launch it.

Choose Authentication Method

Select Email Address from the enrollment options within the AirWatch agent.

Enter Email Address

Next, enter your TestDrive modified email address. Since this app is available for VMware employees, this will be in the format [email protected].

Group Selection

Now, you'll need to select the demo from the dropdown . For this demo we'll choose Finance - Kiosk Demo.

Sign In

Next, you'll need to enter your TestDrive username (not email address) and password and select Sign In.

Enable Device Management

You'll be walked through the enrollment screens. Proceed until enrollment is complete.

Continue Enrollment

Continue to proceed with prompts until enrollment is complete.

Install VMware Browser

Once you're enrolled, you'll get a prompt to install VMware Browser. Click Install.

Confirm Browser is Installed

Confirm the VMware Browser installation by verifying that it is visible on your device.

Launch Workspace ONE UEM Console

Next, lock your device into single app mode. Using your TestDrive credentials, log in to Workspace ONE and launch the Workspace ONE UEM Console web app.

Locate Your Device

Change your admin role to Device Administrator at Five Oceans Bank.

Once the role loads, navigate to Devices > List view and locate your device. Click on the name of your device in blue.

Device Details

This will bring up the device details page.

Query Apps

Next, we need to ensure the console knows the Browser is installed on our device. Select More Actions > Query > Apps.

Confirm Browser Install Status

Navigate to the Apps page for your device and ensure Browser has a green arrow reporting it is installed.

Single App Mode Profile

At this point, the single app mode profile will install on the device.

You can ensure the profile is installed by navigating to profiles in the Console.

Locked Into Single App Mode

Now your device will lock into single app mode into Workspace ONE UEM browser.

Browser is set to Bank of America as the homepage. Other sites have been blocked.

For example, if we scroll to the bottom and select Facebook....

Device Blocked

...the device is blocked.

Reset Device

When you are finished, you can reset your device from the Workspace ONE UEM console by selecting More Actions > Admin > Delete Device.

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