Securely Mobilizing Government Employees

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Using Workspace ONE we are able to securely access all government applications and data based on user identity. With device management we are able to track, lock and wipe devices in the event of theft or loss.

Key use cases: Health and Human Services, CPS, Social Workers, Civilian agencies to access unclassified data

Before You Begin

In order to complete this demo please make sure you have the following:

  • An iOS device, Android device, Mac or PC
  • Login credentials for a Government Workspace ONE account

On a mobile device, launch the Workspace ONE application and log in using your credentials.

Or on a Mac or PC, navigate to https://testdrive.vidmpreview.com and log in.

Workspace ONE opens to the apps page, where virtual, web, and native apps can be viewed.

Web and virtual apps can be customized by drilling (3 dot menu) into one and marking it as favorite. 

VMware Compliance and Cyber Risk Solutions (CCRS) delivers technologies and guidance which directly address the challenges of security and compliance in highly regulated environments.

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