Mobilizing First Responders

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In this quick walkthrough, we will show you Workspace ONE using apps and services commonly used by first responders. We'll also show how the devices being used can be managed by the Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management solution.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have a valid account in the TestDrive environments. If you do not  yet have an account you can sign up at portal.vmtestdrive.com.
  • This walkthrough can be performed using any device type. We suggest using the enrollment instructions for your platform found at the following links: Windows 10, iOS, Android, MacOS
  • Suggested hardware: Dell 12" Rugged running Windows 10, enrolled in Workspace ONE UEM.

Many first responders, police and firefighters have devices in their cars/trucks. They need immediate access to their primary application even if they are out of service range. Some applications can be installed locally on device so the government employee can still use them if there is no connectivity. The device is managed via Workspace ONE UEM, so if it is lost or stolen it can be remotely wiped or locked – avoid data breach and keep compliant. The TraCS application is virtualized using ThinApp and pushed down from central location.

Workspace ONE for First Responders

Let's start by launching Workspace ONE from a web browser. Navigate to https://testdrive.vidmpreview.com/ 

Workspace ONE opens on the Bookmarks page, which can be customized by adding or removing programs. From the Catalog page, add Word 2016, TraCS 10, TD-WINDOWS10 by clicking the bookmark icon for each app.

Let's open the TraCS application by clicking on it. This mission critical application is used by police for traffic accident reporting and ticketing.

Log in using the credentials below

Username: Demo
Password: VMware1!

Navigate back to Workspace ONE, and open up Microsoft Word by clicking Word 2016, which will launch through Horizon.

Navigating back to Workspace ONE, let's open the virtual Windows 10 desktop by clicking on TD-WINDOWS10. Be sure to close this desktop before proceeding to the next section.

Workspace ONE UEM Unified Endpoint Management

Now let's navigate to https://testdrive.awmdm.com on your enrolled device and log in using your credentials from TestDrive following this syntax: vmwdp.com\username

The Workspace ONE UEM console opens to the dashboard. Your role must be defined as Device Administrator at World Wide Enterprises to view your device details. Click on your username displayed in the top right, and then check this option in the Account Role dropdown.

Click on List View under Devices in the sidebar, and locate your device by searching for your username or device ID. Click on it to display information regarding the health of your device.

If it is lost or stolen, the device can be remotely wiped or locked through the Workspace ONE UEM console. You can also avoid data breach and keep your device compliant.

VMware Compliance and Cyber Risk Solutions (CCRS) delivers technologies and guidance which directly address the challenges of security and compliance in highly regulated environments.

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