Workspace ONE Assist Support in TestDrive

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Workspace ONE Assist is fully supported and available in the ready-to-use (RTU) Workspace ONE UEM environment.

Alternatively, a DWPG has Assist enabled in its UEM tenant. 

Workspace ONE Assist is not supported in a UEM sandbox. 

TestDrive Notes


  • Legacy enrollment (device administrator) is not supported.
  • An Android device must have both the Assist Agent and OEM-specific Assist Service, with the exception of Samsung and Sony devices.  The Assist Agent installs automatically on Work Managed Devices enrolled into testdrive.awmdm.com.  A few of the OEM-specific Assist Service apps are available for manual deployment in the Enterprise - Corporate Owned DemoOG and rugged demo.  If you need to use Workspace ONE Assist on a supported device, but don't see the service app available in testdrive.awmdm.com, first check resources.workspaceone.com for Assist service support for your device. Next, if the service app is GA, contact TestDrive support.


  • TestDrive's UEM environment doesn't currently support Linux enrollment. In development...
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