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Workspace ONE Intelligence for Horizon and DEEM for Horizon have been enabled in the TestDrive Workspace ONE Cloud / Horizon Cloud Next-Gen environment, however, due to current limitations with roles and permissions, TestDrive users are assigned a read-only role which only provides access to the read-only built-in dashboards.

Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to access the dashboards, as your read-only view in this environment is different than what someone would see with the administrator role.

Before You Begin

In order to access the Workspace ONE Cloud / Horizon Cloud Next-Gen environment, please ensure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you don't yet have an account.
  • A valid VMware Cloud Services account, sign up here if you don't yet have an account.

TestDrive Portal  Login

Open a new Chrome Incognito browser window and navigate to the TestDrive Portal at https://portal.vmtestdrive.com/login

Login with your TestDrive credentials.

Enable VMware Horizon Cloud Service Product Tile

Once you've logged in, select Digital Workspace under My Products. Then scroll down to VMware Horizon Cloud Service and click the Enable Product button.

Enabling Status

Allow a few minutes for the product to be enabled.  During this time, your VMware Cloud Services Console (CSP) Account is being added to the Cloud Services organization for the TestDrive environment.

After a few minutes, you will receive emails from VMware Cloud Services that confirm your roles have been added.

NOTE:  You must have your own VMware Cloud Services account before proceeding with the next steps.  This account is completely separate from your TestDrive account.

If you do not have a VMware Cloud Services account, the email you receive will contain a link named JOIN VMWARE CLOUD SERVICES.  Please follow the link to create your Cloud Services Account OR go to https://console.cloud.vmware.com/ and choose the option "Create Your VMware Account".

Also, your Cloud Services account will be active in the organization for 30 days.  If you receive an email that your account has been removed from the organization and you still need access, you can re-enable your access in the Horizon Cloud product tile, as mentioned in the the previous steps.

Expand Enabled Product Tile

After your Horizon Cloud access has been enabled, click the product tile to expand it, then click on the Launch button.

On the pop up menu under Horizon Cloud Next Gen, open Universal Console **in a new incognito window or private browser**

You will be directed to the Cloud Services Console at https://console.cloud.vmware.com. **Make sure you are using an incognito or private browser session here**.

Cloud Services Console User Login

Enter YOUR OWN email address of your VMware Cloud Services account, then hit Next.

Cloud Services Console User Password

Enter the password for your VMware Cloud Services account, then hit Sign In.

VMware Cloud Services Page

After login, you will see the initial Cloud Services webpage.

Depending on your Cloud Services account, you might have access to multiple Cloud Services Organizations.

For TestDrive Horizon Cloud Next-Gen, make sure you are in the correct organization named "TD HCSv2 00".

You can verify this in the upper right corner of the window, below your name.  If a different organization name is shown, click on the name and toggle to the correct one.

After verifying you are in the correct organization, click on Workspace ONE Launch Service link.

Workspace ONE Service

This brings you to the Workspace ONE My Workspace landing page.

Workspace ONE Intelligence for Horizon Dashboard

Typically, the default dashboard for Horizon Cloud Next-Gen Monitoring is found under Virtual Apps & Desktops, however, as a read-only user, it might not be visible.

If you do not see the dashboard, then follow the next step below.

In the address bar of the web browser, enter the URL below (you can also copy and paste), then hit Enter.


Workspace ONE Intelligence for Horizon Dashboard

If this is your first time accessing the dashboard, you might be redirected to https://na1.data.vmwservices.com/#/workspace/dashboard/intro.

If you are redirected to that page, then click on the GET STARTED button to proceed.

After the main dashboard loads, you may proceed with reviewing the default widgets and dashboards.

Add to Bookmarks

Tip:  To quickly access the default dashboard the next time you login (if it doesn't already appear under Virtual Apps & Desktops), click on the Add to Bookmarks icon in the upper right corner.  You will then see it added to the Bookmarks section on the left menu.

DEEM for Horizon

Typically, DEEM for Horizon is visible on the left menu under Experience Management > Experience Score, however, as a read-only user, you will need to go My Workspace then in the right window, click on LAUNCH under the tile named Experience Management.

DEEM for Horizon

In the Experience Score dashboard, click on the Virtual column to see the data populated from the TestDrive Horizon environments.  You may now proceed with reviewing the available data.

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