Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Next-Gen - Desktops and Apps

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In this quick walkthrough we're going show you how to access Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Desktops and Applications from the TestDrive environment


  • Log in to TestDrive Portal
  • Expand The Horizon Cloud Service Product tile from the Digital Workspace tab on the dashboard
  • Launch Desktops and Apps
  • Log in to Workspace ONE prompt
  • Launch Microsoft Word
  • Launch DSC-VDI-MultiSession Desktop

Before You Begin

In order to access the Horizon Cloud Desktop User Portal and launch desktops and applications, please ensure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you don't yet have an account.
  • A valid VMware Cloud Services account, sign up here if you don't yet have an account.
  • Latest Horizon Clients installed, available via direct download here
  • Network access from your device and TCP & UDP ports 80, 443, 4172 and 8443 enabled 

OK let's go, open your favorite web browser and navigate to the TestDrive Portal at:

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Once you've logged in, select Digital Workspace under My Products. Then scroll down to VMware Horizon Cloud Service and click the Enable Product button.

Allow a few minutes for the product to be enabled.  During this time, your VMware Cloud Services Console (CSP) Account is being added to the Cloud Services organization for the TestDrive environment.

After a few minutes, you will receive emails from VMware Cloud Services that confirm your roles have been added.

NOTE:  You must have your own VMware Cloud Services account before proceeding with the next steps.  This account is completely separate from your TestDrive account.

If you do not have a VMware Cloud Services account, the email you receive will contain a link named JOIN VMWARE CLOUD SERVICES.  Please follow the link to create your Cloud Services Account OR go to https://console.cloud.vmware.com/ and choose the option "Create Your VMware Account".

Also, your Cloud Services account will be active in the organization for 30 days.  If you receive an email that your account has been removed from the organization and you still need access, you can re-enable your access in the Horizon Cloud product tile, as mentioned in the the previous steps.

After your Horizon Cloud Access has been enabled, click the product tile to expand it, then click on the Launch button.

Under the Horizon Cloud Next Gen Section of the Launch Menu, click Desktops and Apps

Click on the Browser option when prompted.

At Sign in with SSO, input testdrive, then hit Continue.

Log in to Workspace ONE

Launch Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word launches in the browser.  Feel free to add your own text, shapes, and graphs, using it just as you normally would a natively installed version of Word.

Close Microsoft Word and then from the Horizon Menu, launch the DSC-VDI-MultiSession Desktop

From the Windows 11 Desktop run any installed apps and log out.

That's a logical place to stop, let's have a quick recap of what happened!

Walkthrough Summary

  • Logged in to TestDrive Portal
  • Expanded The Horizon Cloud Service Product tile from the Digital Workspace tab on the dashboard
  • Launched Desktops and Apps
  • Logged in to Workspace ONE prompt
  • Launched Microsoft Word
  • Launched DSC-VDI-MultiSession
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