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In this quick walkthrough, we're going to demo how to use VMware App Volumes to attach and detach AppStacks. 

Walkthrough Summary

  • Launch a Windows 11 Horizon Desktop.
  • Attach AppStack.
  • Launch an app (VLC media player).
  • Show AppStack apps are, in fact, installed locally.
  • Detach AppStack.
  • Show AppStack apps are no longer installed locally.

Before You Begin

In order to perform the full end-to-end demo make sure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment.  Sign up here if you don't have one yet.
  • Network access from your device and TCP  ports 80, 443 and 4172 & UDP 4172  enabled.
  • An appropriate  Horizon client installed on your device.
  • An appropriate web browser (such as Google Chrome) installed on your device.

Let's get started, open up your favorite web browser and get signed into Workspace ONE at https://testdrive.vidmpreview.com.

Workspace ONE Login

Enter your TestDrive username (username only, not your email address) and password, then hit Sign In.

Workspace ONE Landing Page

You will first be brought to the Favorites section.

Workspace ONE Apps Page

Go to the Apps section at the top of the page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to Categories and click on Horizon.

Add Horizon Desktop to Favorites

Find TD-WINDOWS11 on the page. Click the star in the lower right corner of the icon to Add to Favorites.

Launch Horizon Desktop

Go back to the Favorites section where you will now see TD-WINDOWS11.

Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the icon and choose Launch from Client (requires Horizon Client already installed on your local machine) or Launch from Browser to open the virtual desktop in a separate tab.

Launched Desktop

After a few moments, the desktop will launch in the Horizon Client or your web browser.

The desktops in the TD-WINDOWS11 pool have been deployed as non-persistent instant clones, configured with App Volumes Writable Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager.

Within the Windows 11 desktop, click the Windows Start Menu then All apps.

Launch App Volumes Attach Lots of Apps Shortcut

Under All apps, click on the App Volumes folder to expand it and then click on App Volumes - ATTACH LOTS OF APPS! shortcut.

Lots of Apps on the Desktop

After waiting a few moments, the desktop will populate with several new shortcuts.  The applications for these shortcuts have now been deployed to the Horizon desktop.

Test an Application

Launch an app such as VLC media player to validate that the app is working.

Close the app when done validating it.

Right click on the Windows Start Menu then click on the Installed apps shortcut.

Confirm Installed Apps

In the Installed apps list, you can scroll through and see that the apps are indeed installed locally after the AppStack attach.

Close Installed Apps window.

Launch App Volumes Detach Lots of Apps Shortcut

Click on Windows Start Menu then navigate to All apps > App Volumes > App Volumes - DETACH LOTS OF APPS!

AppStack Detached

After a few moments, you will see in the desktop that the applications from the AppStack have been removed.

Confirm Apps Removed

Go back to the Installed apps list and you will see that the applications from the AppStack are no longer locally installed in the desktop.

Logoff from the Windows 11 desktop when done.

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