Workspace ONE UEM - iOS GroundControl (Internal Walkthrough)

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This walkthrough, open internally to VMware employees, shows how to access and begin using TestDrive's GroundControl setup.


The internal setup is contained in an isolated area in testdrive.awmdm.com. The OG inherits top-level TestDrive accounts, vIDM, API, can copy profiles and apps, but is not accessible by typical TestDrive users.  Access must be granted by TestDrive.

The Console Administrator role on the Workspace ONE UEM GroundControl OG entitles users to complete ownership of the  configuration within.  Workspace ONE Access' GroundControl web app assignment gives users access to the GroundControl admin console.

GroundControl Intro

Think of GroundControl as an industrial-grade Apple Configurator that provides a zero-touch solution for automation of iOS device updates and provisioning.  GroundControl manages the full suite of mobile services, from MDM to WiFi controllers to app configs, not just the initial device setup.

While Apple Configurator is excellent for smaller shops, GroundControl takes large organizations beyond the next level by enabling IT staffs to reach into remote locations for their supervised device use cases.

How does it do this?  GroundControl has deep, API-based integration with VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Before You Begin

To use the GroundControl flow, please verify you have the following:

  • VMware TestDrive account (which you have if you're reading this gated document online).
  • Device Administrator at GroundControl admin role
  • GroundControl web app in Workspace ONE.  Enabled by request.
  • Mac or Windows PC with GroundControl Launchpad.
  • iOS device

Launchpad Configuration

Launchpad is the admin app used to automate GroundControl workflows by receiving instructions from the GroundControl server in the cloud.  Here's how to set it up:

Enter the GroundControl server:

Click to copy

Register your machine

Proceed and register your machine. 

Use your entitled TestDrive account for SSO authentication into the hosted GroundControl tenant.  If you do not have access, send in a request.

Verify Successful Setup

With a successful setup, the Launchpad will look like this with a green light indicator in the bottom left.

Device Configuration - Talking Points

  • An unlimited number of iOS devices can be managed. A USB hub can be used to connect to multiple devices at once. GroundControl's cloud-based patented architecture allows organizations to manage an unlimited number of Launchpads at an unlimited number of locations in parallel.
  • GroundControl has built-in local caching of iOS updates and enterprise apps, localizing updates, reducing bandwidth costs.
  • GroundControl enables the time-tested technique of “wipe and re-image” for iOS devices. Flagged devices, when connected to the local charging station, can be reset to be field-ready in less than 5 minutes, without bothering IT staff.

Connect the iOS device to your computer's USB Port.  Launchpad will detect it and through GroundControl's Workflows and Automations setup, the device will configure.

  • A new factory reset device will silently become supervised and then provision.
  • Previously GC supervised devices will silently provision. 

When the device is ready, the 'hello' screen will appear.  Hit the home button, select Wi-Fi (which would normally be preconfigured by GroundControl but can't in a scaled demo), and you're ready to use the device.

Workflows and Automations

A default workflow was set up for a GroundControl demo.  Given the high administrative access level granted users in both the OG and GroundControl console, the configuration may change.  The configuration described below is the initial setup.

Workflows and Automations are configured in the cloud GroundControl tenant.  A workflow is a series of steps for a device to perform.  Rules trigger the workflow when a device is connected to a Launchpad and matches specified criteria. The Automation defines when the workflow is executed.  Automations are tied to the workflow.  

In TestDrive a default workflow is configured.  To view the default workflow, open Workspace ONE (https://testdrive.vidmpreview.com) and launch the GroundControl web app.  You'll SSO into the GroundControl admin console.

Default Workflow: TestDrive Default Workflow

As initially configured, the workflow will perform the following actions:

  • Erase:
    This action will erase the device to factory defaults.
  • Set Name: 
    GC-[Launchpad Name][#]
  • Set Wallpaper:
    Set lock screen text: Device Serial: [Device Serial]
    Set home screen
    Set lock screen
  • Set Icon Arrangement:
    Dock: Settings, Safari, Workspace ONE Web, and Camera
  • Enroll in MDM
    MDM: testdrive.awmdm.com
    Attempt to delete previous device record
    Organization Group: GroundControl (GC)

View enrolled devices on Workspace ONE UEM Console

Open the Workspace ONE UEM console (testdrive.awmdm.com) and switch your admin role to Console Administrator at GroundControl. You'll be placed at the dedicated OG and have full administrative access to your devices which are now enrolled and under Workspace ONE UEM management.

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