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Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device.  With a Hub Registered setup, organizations can provide users with their productivity apps, actionable task notifications, as well as internal access WITHOUT managing the device.

Before You Begin

You need the following before you begin:

  • TestDrive account in testdrive.vmware.com with enabled ready to use Workspace ONE UEMproduct
    • For corporate email support, the Office 365 sample integration must also be enabled in testdrive.vmware.com.
  • An Android or iOS device
  • Use administrator role Device Administrator at World Wide Enterprises

Register Your Device

On the device, go to either the App Store or Google Play and download the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Begin Hub registration by entering your TestDrive enrollment email address in the shown format.

Select Group ID Enterprise - Hub Registered Only.

At the Workspace ONE login screens, enter your TestDrive username, then your password. Proceed until done.

Continue through the Privacy and Data Sharing assurance screens.  

With Hub Registered, the device is not enrolled.  A management profile is not pushed to the device.  As a result, only the Hub is managed—not the device.

Explore the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub


After a successful registration, you're placed on the Hub's Favorites screen.  Here, bookmarks to your critical apps are presented for quick access. 


On the Apps screen, all of your organization's apps—mobile apps, web apps, and virtual apps—are presented in various categories.  Use the search feature to quickly find a specific app or scroll down through the various groupings to find apps of a specific category.  

Select the Mobile Apps category to obtain a list of administrator-approved native apps available for installation.


The People screen, People Search, is your organization's contact search. 

  Kim Johnson Priti Patel Alexander Mogilny Jake Tabasco Don Martin
  Diane Brown Kit Meadows Ramesh Shah Ron Gooden Susan Britt

Type in a few characters of one of the People Search demo users (demo users are required in order to maintain TestDrive user privacy).  The demo names are as follows:

The selected user's profile will display, as will their organizational relationships.  

For You

The For You section is where company notifications are presented in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.  From this "single pane of glass," users are able read about new app assignments, acknowledge custom administrative alerts, and most importantly, take action on enterprise systems' tasks sent via the Workspace ONE Mobile Flows platform. 


The Support area provides access to your Workspace ONE IT resources. 

Access Internal Resources

Workspace ONE provides several methods to access internal resources on an unmanaged device.  Where it be an intranet, corporate file shares, or email, Workspace ONE has your covered.

Organizations maintain a wealth of resources behind the firewall.  By leveraging the Workspace ONE SDK, developers can provide configuration settings to their internal apps, giving apps managed-like functionality, and providing secure access to these internal resources. 


Install the Workspace ONE Web mobile app.  

Enabled by the Workspace ONE SDK, Web is configured to securely access internal resources through the SASE Tunnel.  Note the intranet URL in the Web app.   To demonstrate Web's tunneling ability, copy and paste the URL into another browser on the device.


Install and launch Content to access internal file repositories as well Workspace ONE UEM managed  documents.

Go to the Corporate File Share to view files on an internal network share.  Use the login credentials format as shown.


Install and launch Boxer to access enterprise email.

Virtual Assistance

The Hub Assistant is a digital chatbot you can deploy to offer employees self-service tools. The Hub Assistant chatbot provides employees with an engaging, conversational experience to complete common workflows and to get answers to frequently asked company questions. When Hub Assistant is enabled in the Hub Services console, users can access the virtual assistant from the Intelligent Hub app and from a web browser.

To engage the Hub Assistant, tap it, located in the lower right of any Hub screen. 

Ask the Hub Assistant a question about "benefits" or "vacation" and enjoy the intelligent responses.  

Workspace ONE Administration

With Workspace ONE UEM, Hub registered devices show up along with all the devices in the device fleet.  Using the Device Administrator at World Wide Enterprises role, find your devices.  Drilling into each device results in a view of basic information of each device. 

Due the nature of a device only being registered, very limited management functionality is available.  Administrations are able to enterprise wipe a device, which simply removes the Hub registration.  

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