Accessing the Horizon Console

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Your TestDrive account has a Read-Only access Administrator role in the Horizon Console.

Launching the Horizon Console

To access the console, first launch a TestDrive Windows 11 or RDSH desktop in Horizon as instructed in Launching Horizon Virtual Desktops from Workspace ONE or Launching Virtual Desktops from Horizon Client.

Within the Horizon desktop, launch the Horizon Console desktop shortcut to bring up the Horizon Console web page.  

Horizon Console Login

Enter your TestDrive account credentials for the VMWDP domain.

Dashboard Status

After log in, click around the various menus to explore the Horizon Console interface. Here we see the Dashboard status.

Desktops Pools

Under Inventory > Desktops, you can see the various VDI and RDSH desktop pools that have been configured.

Virtual Machines List

Under Inventory > Machines, you can see the status of the virtual machine connections.

Application Pools

Under Inventory > Applications, you can see the various RDSH Apps and App Volumes Published Apps on Demand that have been configured.

Explore Other Sections

Feel free to explore the other sections listed in the left menu to get familiar with the various administration options available in the Horizon Console.

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