Multi-Factor Authentication in the Intelligent Hub

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The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub's next great evolution is multi-factor authentication (MFA) support.  With the modern Intelligent Hub and Workspace ONE Access's Verify Intelligent Hub authentication method, at no additional cost, organizations have a streamlined and painless MFA solution for their Workspace ONE applications.

For the digital workspace, Verify Intelligent Hub is an industry-first MFA solution. 

Before You Begin

Before you begin you need:

MFA Simplicity in the Intelligent Hub

Talking Points

  • No phone number, no preregistration of users, and no separate MFA app are needed. 
  • The Verify Intelligent Hub authentication method works on devices both registered and enrolled using the Intelligent Hub.  Therefore, all Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub users—regardless of their device management type—can utilize MFA in the Intelligent Hub. 
  • All of your organization's web apps and virtual apps can be set up fro MFA in the Hub.  As well, accessing Workspace ONE itself can use it!

First, verify you have a device either enrolled or registered into Workspace ONE UEM.  This is your MFA device.

Simulating a home or public computer, on an unenrolled device open a browser and go to the TestDrive Workspace ONE User Portal. Log in with your TestDrive/Workspace ONE username and password.

Find the Zoom web app and launch it.  

If you can't find the Zoom web app in Workspace ONE, most likely Zoom has not been enabled on your TestDrive account. Log in to the TestDrive portal, go to Sample Integrations > enable Zoom.

Note: Sample Integrations like Zoom have a limited number of licenses. If you can't enable Zoom, most likely licenses are not available 

Upon initial Zoom launch, Workspace ONE Access's Verify Intelligent Hub authentication will kick in. Presuming you've already enrolled or registered an Android or iOS device into UEM, you should be prompted with a notification like below.

The countdown clock (time limit) is configurable in Workspace ONE Access's authentication method settings for Verify (Intelligent Hub).

If you have multiple devices enrolled/registered in Workspace ONE, each of those devices is listed in the dropdown.  Select your in-hand device.

In a moment, the device will receive a push notification in the Intelligent Hub.

Note the countdown clock in the upper right of the Hub's notification. 

The priority notification provides the sign-in request's user, device, and IP information.

Enhanced Verification

In Workspace ONE Access, the Verify (Intelligent Hub) authentication method has been configured to enforce app-level security when approving access. 

On the enrolled/registered MFA device, in the Hub, you'll be prompted with the Zoom sign-in request. Approve the sign-in request.  

Depending on your device's passcode configuration, you'll be prompted to confirm you're identity on the device before being allowed to access Zoom.

Back on your non-managed computer, access to Zoom will be granted.  

Appendix A - Workspace ONE Access Admin Settings

The Workspace ONE Access settings for the authentication method Verify (Intelligent Hub) are shown below.  

After drilling into the authentication method (above), enhanced verification settings are set within (below).


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