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In this walkthrough we're going show you how to access and use the Workspace ONE Express Admin Console within the TestDrive Sandbox Environments.

Before You Begin

In order to complete this demo please make sure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you do not already have an account.

Background Info - Talking Points

Workspace ONE Express is simple and straightforward MDM, so you get exactly what you need without anything you don't. Workspace ONE Express provides an affordable solution to security concerns and accessibility inherent to enterprise mobility. WithWorkspace ONE Express organizations can:

  • Manage small-scale deployments (500 device maximum) from a single console.
  • Enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly and easily.
  • Configure and update device settings over the air.
  • Secure mobile access to corporate resources by regulating applications, email and connectivity, and security policies.
  • Remotely lock, send messages, and enterprise wipe managed devices.

When your organization needs mobile device management features beyond whatWorkspace ONE Express offers, you can upgrade to the full Workspace ONE UEM product at any time. For more information on Workspace ONE Express please visit workspaceoneexpress.com.

Logging In and Using the Workspace ONE Express Admin Console

First, open your favorite browser and navigate to the TestDrive portal at portal.vmtestdrive.com. Log in with your TestDrive username and password.

By default the TestDrive portal will open into the Digital Workspace tab of the My Products page. Switch to the Sandbox Experiences Tab on the far right.

Expand the Product Tile

Locate the VMware Workspace ONE Express tile. Click the down arrow on the left side of the tile to expand it. Here you will find your unique Admin Credentials and Enrollment Details.

Launch Workspace ONE Express

Click the Launch button to open the Workspace ONE Express Admin Console. Log in using the Admin Credentials from the previous step. Ensure your username is in the format td.awex.{username}.

Terms of Use

Accept the EULA, then set your password recovery question and PIN.

Setup Wizard

Since this is the first time you've loaded the Workspace ONE Express console, you'll be brought through the setup wizard. First, you'll be shown the introduction and survey.

Setup Wizard (contd.)

You'll see the process a customer goes through to setup their environment. You can choose 'yes' at these fields to setup your own AD, APNs and VPP. We will walk through the setup for APNs later in this guide. For documentation on setting up AD and VPP, visit docs.vmware.com

For now, we'll select 'no' for each option. 

Create Blueprint

Now, that you have completed the initial setup, you'll be brought to the blueprints page. Here you can add "Blueprints" for each of your users or groups of users. Within a blueprint you can define which apps, wifi configurations, security policies and more are assigned to your user's devices when they enroll.

Create Blueprint - About Tab

When you're setting up a blueprint you'll be guided through a wizard to help you configure the settings which will apply to the user's devices.

Create Blueprint - Users Tab

When you get to the Users tab you'll need to select which accounts you'd like this blueprint to apply to. Since we will be enrolling a device into Workspace ONE Express later, let's go ahead and add a user account now. Start by clicking Add User.

Create Blueprint - Add User

Fill in the required fields and click Add User when finished.

Create Apple Push Notification Service Certificate

Since we are going to enroll an iOS device, we need to create an APNs certificate. Navigate to the Groups and Settings page by clicking the icon at the bottom of the left sidebar. Once there, click 'Apple' under the Devices and Users section.

APNs for MDM

Select APNs for MDM

Generate New Certificate

Click the Generate New Certificate button

Download plist file

From this page, let's go ahead and download the plist file by clicking the link. Then click the Go to Apple button to be taken to the Apple Push Certificates Portal.

Apple Push Certificates Portal

Sign in using your Apple ID

Create Certificate Button

Click the Create a Certificate button

Accept Terms of Use

Read the Terms of Use, check the box, then click Accept.

Upload plist file

Click Choose File to select the plist file we downloaded earlier, then click Upload.

Download push certificate

Now that the push certificate has been successfully created, click the Download button to save it to your computer.

Apple Push Certificates Portal overview

You can always return to the Apple Push Certificates Portal to renew, revoke, or re-download the certificate you created.

Continue Setup

Switching back over the Workspace ONE Express Admin Console, click Next to continue the setup process.

Upload APNs certificate

Click the Upload button to select the APNs certificate (.pem file) then click Save.

Enter AppleID

Enter the email address associated with your Apple ID and click Save.

Confirm upload

Review the information carefully, and if everything is correct scroll down and enter your security PIN that you created at the beginning of the walkthrough.

APNs successfully setup

The APNs certificate has been successfully created. At this point you're all set to build out your test environment and start enrolling devices. Once you've configured a few blueprints and policies you're ready to enroll.

Enrolling Your Devices to Workspace ONE Express

You can enroll your devices to Workspace ONE Express through Apple's Device Enrollment Program or using the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. For the purposes of this guide we will use Hub enrollment. First, you'll need to identify the Group ID for your Workspace ONE Express instance. This information is found under Enrollment Details in the expanded Workspace ONE Express tile in the TestDrive portal.

Download Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Now that you have your unique URL and Group ID, power up your iOS device (or other) and download the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub from the app store.

Open the Agent and choose the Server Details option.

Enter environment details

Enter your URL in the Server field, and then enter the Group ID. Click Next when finished.

Enter credentials

Next, you'll be brought to the User Credentials page. Enter the Username and Password for the user account you set up earlier in the Blueprint wizard. Click Next.

Choose Device Ownership

On the Device Ownership page, select Corporate - Dedicated then click Next.

Enable Device Management

At the bottom of the screen select Redirect and Enable, which will open up a browser to begin installing the management profiles to your device.

Allow Open Settings

Click Allow.

Install Device Manager Profile

Now, you'll be prompted to install the Device Manager profile. Click Install and continue through the prompts.

Redirect to Hub

Next, you'll be redirected to the Hub. Click Done to proceed.

Authentication Complete

Click Done to continue.

Create a secure passcode on device

You will be asked to create a more secure passcode for the Agent. Click Create when finished.

Data and Privacy Policies

The data and privacy policies are displayed. Click I Understand to proceed.

Data and device feedback

Here you are given an opportunity to help us improve and develop new app features and functionality through anonymous data sharing.

Enrollment Complete

Your device now reports as enrolled.

Workspace ONE Express Admin Console

If you go back to the Workspace ONE Express Admin Console, you'll see the device now appears in the list view.

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