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When employees onboard with new technology they don't always follow the steps or processes outlined by their IT admin.  Occasionally, they may not want their entire corporate app suite on their device and will just go to the app which will bring them the most value straight away.

This is why VMware has created stand-alone functionality for the VMware productivity apps. Now, when an employee attempts to download VMware Boxer, Web, or Content without having Workspace ONE or a management profile on their device they can still use the apps as they were intended to be used. This feature can be turned on or off by the IT administrator. In this guide, we'll walk through using Content - Workspace ONE app without Workspace ONE or a management profile (Intelligent Hub) on the device.

Before You Begin

In order to complete this demo please make sure you have the following:

  • An iOS device
  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you don't have one
  • Activated the Workspace ONE UEM service from the My Services tab in the VMware TestDrive Demo Portal
Download Content - Workspace ONE on your unmanaged device 

First, navigate to the App Store on your unmanaged, unenrolled iOS device.
Download Content - Workspace ONE to your device.

Once VMware Content Locker is installed, launch the app.

Authenticate using your TestDrive email address and credentials

Next, you'll be asked for your username and password. Enter your TestDrive username and password (without the domain) and select Login.

If you're unsure what your username and password are you can find this under the Workspace ONE UEM product in the Ready to Use Experiences section of the TestDrive portal.

Next you will see an overlay highlighting the available icons. Click anywhere on the device to close the overlay.

The Repositories tab will contain all the user's content along with all shared corporate content. In the Corporate Content section you will see three network repositories for each region.  Content saved to these repositories are accessible from your Horizon VDI Desktop and Remote Applications that you launch in each region.

Get secure mobile access to your content on your unmanaged device

Click on "Americas File Share" to connect to the repository. The repository will populate and you will see all the available folders and files saved to this particular region. Click on the word "Repositories" at the top of the page or the "Filing Cabinet" icon on the left side bar to return to the main listing.

Click on "APAC File Share" and ensure that the files and folders for this region populates. Repeat this step for the "EMEA File Share" and ensure this region populates as well.

Now you have completed setting up Content Locker and you may use it on your iOS device or access the same files from your Horizon Desktops and Applications.

You can also select "AirWatch Content > Enterprise" to view the content shared from the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console and demonstrate the document configurations. First, select "UNRESTRICTED ACCESS - Sales Training Manual".

The document will open and the user is able to swipe left and right to navigate between pages, zoom in and out by pinching, and rotate the device, and search the document for key words or phrases. Additionally, the user is able to select the export button in the top right to perform actions permitted by the administrator such as open into, view info, or print.

Now, lets switch back to to another document to demonstrate the different permissions granted to each document.

Select "Back" in the top left to return to the World Wide Enterprises content and select "RESTRICTED ACCESS - Financial Forecasting Training". The document will open displaying the watermark with the user's name. The user is able to zoom into the document and the watermark adjusts with the zoom size. Also, when selecting the export button in the top right you will see the user is no longer able to print or open into as they were with the unrestricted document.

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