Demo Screen Sharing Guide - Android, iOS, and Windows 10

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On Android devices, the recommended method to mirror your device is using Vysor.  This enables you to mirror your device while connected through USB. 

Before You Begin

  • Install Vysor on your computer (compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome).  Nothing needs to be installed on the device.
  • Android device must be in debugging mode.
    • To enable debugging, you first need to enable Developer options.
      • Navigate to Settings > About phone > Tap Build number 7 times
    • After Developer Options appears in the list of settings, enable debugging.
      • Navigate to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging
    • NOTE: If device out of box setup is required to be shown, the device will not be able to be mirrored and a doc cam is required to film the desk the device is sitting on.

Launch Vysor App

After installing Vysor on your computer, launch the application and plug in your device.  If you have not granted the computer permission to allow debugging from the device, you will see the device is “unauthorized” and will get a prompt when trying to view. View the prerequisites above to correct this.

Allow USB Debugging

On the device, hit OK when prompted to allow grant permission to allow USB debugging.  Select to always allow from this computer to skip this step on this device in the future.

View device

Once the device is detected, a name will appear and you will be able to view the device.

Vysor Settings

  • Hint:  Go to Settings to enable full-screen mode and to change the quality of the picture for best results.


Use QuickTime to mirror your iOS device while connected through USB.

Before You Begin

Install QuickTime on if it is not already installed on your computer.

Plug in your iOS device to your computer.  Make sure that you select to Trust This Computer when prompted on your device.

Launch Quicktime

Open QuickTime.

From the icon, right click to get the options and select New Movie Recording

Select your device

Then, QuickTime will launch most likely with your camera.  Then select from the drop down the name of your device.

View mirrored device

After selecting your device, you will see your device mirrored on your screen

Windows 10

For Windows 10 we suggest using a virtual machine running on your macOS device. Then share your macOS screen as you normally would via Skype for Business, WebEx, etc.

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