Workspace ONE and Office 365 Walkthrough

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In this walkthrough we're going show you how to activate Office 365 and access mail through Workspace ONE on your desktop.

Before You Begin

In order to complete this demo please make sure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you do not already have an account. 

First, open your favorite browser and navigate to  portal.vmtestdrive.com. Click Log in.

Login to TestDrive

Enter your TestDrive username and password and click Enter.

TestDrive Dashboard

Now, you will land on the TestDrive dashboard where you will see the Secure Digital Workspace products, as well as stats from any customers you have invited.

Toggle Product to enable

Scroll down to the Sample Integrations, and toggle on Office 365 by clicking the slider. You'll see Office 365 change to "Provisioning" and after a few minutes, the service will be enabled. After a few minutes do a manual refresh of the screen to see Office 365 is now turned on. 

Office 365 Provisioning

Next, locate Workspace ONE at the top of the Secure Digital Workspace on the homepage and click Launch to launch into Workspace ONE.

Enter your Credentials

Enter your TestDrive username and password and click Sign In.


NOTE: Domain is not required when logging into Workspace ONE.

Launch Office 365

You'll land on the Apps tab. In the Search Bar, type Office 365. Click the icon to SSO into the service.

Seamless Login

A new tab will open and your user will be seamlessly logged into the service.

Click Outlook

Next, click Outlook to view the Office 365 email associated with your account.

Walkthrough Summary

  • Log in to VMware TestDrive Demo Portal
  • Enable Office 365
  • Verify the Office 365 service has been enabled and review the information 
  • Log in to Workspace ONE
  • Single Sign On into Office 365

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