Unenrolling your Device and Re-enrolling to the New Workspace ONE UEM Environment

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Major improvements have arrived for the TestDrive Workspace ONE UEM environment! As a result of these changes any devices enrolled to the previous Workspace ONE UEM environment need to be deleted and then re-enrolled to the new environment to access all the upgraded features. This guide walks through how to delete your device and get set up within the new Workspace ONE UEM environment.

As a reminder, we detailed these changes and their benefits here.

Unenrolling your Device

To unenroll your device so you can enroll it in the new Workspace ONE UEM environment, first, you'll need to locate your device in the old Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) admin console.

Open a web browser and navigate to wsuem.vmtestdrive.com. Login with your TestDrive username and password.

Note: Make sure you are using the VMWdemo domain! Your username should be in the format "VMWdemo\Username"

Next, ensure you're using the "Device Administrator at World Wide Enterprises" role by checking your account settings in the top right.

Next, navigate to "Devices > List View" in the left column. You can search for your username in the right side of the screen to find your device in the list. Click the name of your device to open the device details.

If you have difficulty finding your device feel free to submit a support ticket by clicking request in the top right of the knowledge base!

Now Click "More Actions > Delete Device" to both delete your device record from the console and issue an enterprise wipe.

If we switch back to our device, you'll now see the corporate apps and profiles have been removed from the device. Any apps that remain on the device that the user may have logged into outside of management will be reset so the user can no longer access their corporate info (Example, Boxer).

Re-enrolling your Device

To get your device enrolled in the new environment, please follow the device enrollment guide of your choice:

In case of an error stating:

'Unable to login at this time. This device is already registered to a different environment. Please Contact your IT administrator.

We are unable to finish building your digital workspace at this time. Please try again or sign out. If you sign out, you will have the option to re-enter your email address or server URL.'

Within the settings for iOS, find the settings for the 'Workspace' Application. Check Enable Manual App Reset. Re-load the Workspace ONE Application and tap on the logo 7 times, this will reset the application. Once that's done, try again.

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